Our ancestors … possessed a right, which nature has given to all men, of departing from the country in which chance, not choice has placed them.
–Thomas Jefferson.


Caroline Elizabeth Biggs (1865 – 1869)

Sarah Beatrice Biggs (nee Shepherd) (1886-1962)

Stephen Biggs (1827-1912)



Hazel Annie Chisholm (1892 -1939)


Alice Mary Henderson (1858-1885)

Betsy Deane Henderson (1840-1920)

Caroline Henderson(1851 -1889)

Charles Alfred Henderson (1849-1945)

Fanny Henderson (1853-1885)

Harry Henderson(1855-1855)

Janette Henderson (1846-1927)

Margaret Henderson (nee Crosby) (1816 – 1875)

Margaret Henderson (1839-1912)

Mary Henderson (1838-1888)

Thomas Alfred Henderson (1815 – 1894)

Thomas Charles Henderson (1843-1843)

Thomas Henderson (1847-1890)


Charles Alfred Shepherd (1855-1897)

Eliza Jane Shepherd (nee Travers) (1860-1940)

Elizabeth Shepherd (nee Mariner) (1795-1872)

Harriet Shepherd (nee Webb) (1840-1917)

Lynn David Shepherd I (1795-1845)

Lynn Shepherd II (1829-1903)

Sarah Beatrice Shepherd (1886-1962)


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