Wikipedia described the Chisholm surname as Scottish in origin. It is derived from a habitational name from Chisholme, near Hawick, in the south of Scotland. The name is derived from the Old English elements cese, meaning “cheese“; and holm, meaning “piece of dry land in a fen“. In the 14th century, members of the Chisholm familymigrated into the Scottish Highlands and their name was Gaelicised. The Scottish Gaelic form of the name is Siosal (masculine), and Shiosal(feminine). Alternatively the name Chisholm is said to be derived from a Norman French word “chese” meaning “to choose” and the Saxon word “holm” meaning “meadow” as in “The chosen meadow” .

Our family connection to the name comes through my maternal grandmother, Hazel Annie Chisholm, who was born in Rockhampton, Queensland. Her family tree created in Ancestry.Com follows:

HA Chisholm

Family tree from for Hazel Annie Chisholm