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Retirement has given me the time to really delve into my passion for family history - not just the facts but reading about the times and places where they lived and gaining an understanding of what their lives would have been like.

Spanish Armada

Still buried deep in Chisholm family history as I try to move from Sheffield to my 4 x great grandfather Hugh Chisholm. Then Audrey Barney (my Chisholm expert) and I were discussing the dark colouring in the family as evidenced … Continue reading

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A life in Sheffield

I have spent the last few months buried deep in the coal mining and smelting industries of Yorkshire as I have tracked my mother’s family back through time. I have discovered that my great great grandfather, Daniel Chisholm, was a … Continue reading

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Gold digging

I just got an advert in my emails for a subscription to the British Newspaper archives and would you believe it included this a comment from someone researching the Victorian goldrush and a section of a newspaper article that mentions … Continue reading

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Joseph Chisholm, the builder

My great great grandfather Joseph’s story is one of migration, of taking opportunity as it arose and becoming a builder, not only as a tradesman but also in building a strong family foundation for the Chisholm’s in New Zealand. For … Continue reading

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Writing the family history

I love doing family history (I guess that’s pretty obvious) but sometimes you just want to yell at your ancestors and this post from of says it in a nutshell: It seemed to give other genealogist the chance to … Continue reading

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Tracing Alfred Wilson Chisholm

Tracing Alfred has not been easy. It has taken almost eight years and a lot of research. For someone who was a journalist he was certainly elusive especially in his later years. So my family members I hope you enjoy … Continue reading

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A little more info on Hazel Annie Chisholm

I have come across another newspaper article about Hazel and her husband William Shute. She did seek and order for maintenance for her and their child and despite an attempt to have the order varied or squashed it was upheld. … Continue reading

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