#52 Ancestors: Dear Diary

How wonderful it would be to come across a diary written by one of my ancestors, but no such luck.  I shouldn’t be surprised as I don’t keep a diary myself although now I think about it maybe that is the role that facebook now plays. There are lots of moments that I write about maybe only mundane things like the weather, sometimes a recipe I like or maybe photos of family gatherings or holidays that I want to remember.  Sometimes it’s even someone or something from the past that I cherish. Not everyone will be interested but in some ways, it is a chronical of my life and the people I love. So here’s to the social media version of a diary … Facebook you have your place as a recorder of history.

1 thought on “#52 Ancestors: Dear Diary

  1. I always say how lucky the generations ahead of us are as they’ll have so much more access to information about us like our Facebook pages. I often wonder what my own ancestors were like – were they funny, were they smart, or grumpy and simple, were they artistic or good with their hands? And unfortunately we’ll never know. Our descendants will know what TV shows and movies we were into, our political views and a whole host of things that will tell them a lot about who we are as people.

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