At the Courthouse

It looks like I come from “bad stock”! Or maybe I should just say I have a few convict forebears, like my 4 x great grandmother Elizabeth Brown/Browning Owen who was transported from England and imprisoned in the Female Factory in 1820. I knew I had a few of the convict class lurking in the background of my family tree and it wasn’t until I thought about this week’s prompt of “At the Courthouse” that here was the nudge I needed to write about Elizabeth.  Click HERE to go to her story.  For those who are interested I am related through my father, Charles Godfrey Biggs:

Elizabeth Browning (1790 – 1839)
4th great-grandmother
Eliza OWEN (1817 – 1887)
Daughter of Elizabeth Browning
Eliza Jane Travers (1860 – 1940)
Daughter of John Mortimer Thomas TRAVERS
Sarah Beatrice Shepherd (1886 – 1962)
Daughter of Eliza Jane Travers
Charles Godfrey Biggs (1916 – 2006)
Son of Sarah Beatrice Shepherd
Carol Mary Biggs
\Daughter of Charles Godfrey Biggs

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