Betsy Deane Henderson

As it was a wet, windy and very cold weekend here with the fire warming the whole house enjoyed the down time to do a bit more family history digging. It was going to be just a quick list of Thomas and Margaret Henderson’s offspring when I “found” my great aunt Betsy Deane Henderson – I had thought she had married well but then I looked a bit further and found she had a really difficult life but overcame it with the love and support of her family – another strong woman in the family – for family  who also might like to “discover”  her click on this link

Reseaching the family

It is so easy to be distracted from the main family line while trying to research family history. Thought I would check on a few details about Thomas and Margaret Henderson’s children and I have become totally caught up in the life of Betsy Deane … more to come once I have put it all together