The Henderson’s Life in Australia

Well I have just finished the next section of the Henderson family saga and I would have to say thank God for the strong women in our family and especially for my great, great grandmother Margaret Henderson – undoubtedly the rock of the family through all its trials and tribulations. To find out more read about their life in Australia

Henderson Family Tree

After much fiddling and with the help of “” I have finally managed to put together a family tree that shows the connection between Thomas Alfred and Margaret Henderson and the Biggs branch of the family. I think we should be thankful that both Margaret and her daughter who was also Margaret were so fruitful as many of their children did not marry or have children but thanks to the Biggs/Henderson union we are here today! If you click on the picture it will enlarge so that you can easily read it.

St Leonard’s Shoreditch

You come across many strange thing while researching family history. I love the BBC series “Rev” about an anglican minister who moves from a rural parish to the dysfunctional inner London parish of St Saviour in the Marshes. All the church scences were filmed at St Leonard’s Church, Shoreditch the parish church of my 2xgreat grandmother’s family, Margaret (nee Crosby) Henderson – so I have had both an inside an outside look at where they used to worship in the early 1800’s thanks to the BBC!